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1980 Interview with the Shah and Shahbanou

bkyser on Mar 1st 2012

Here is a People magazine article from January 1980 with Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and his wife, Farah, the Shahbanou. In this article they provide details of their life in exile, the Shah’s diagnosis of Waldenstrom’s desease, and how their children are adjusting to life in America. They are also asked about the SAVAK and the many reported cases of torture that took place during the Shah’s rule. The Shah denies being connected to these acts of torture, however his legacy in Iran as a “despot” makes this hard to believe. The Shah also discusses the ways in which his rule benefited the poor people in Iran, particuarly in Baluchistan (Southeast Iran).

Jean Desaunois, “The Shah and His Empress Talk About Their Life in Exile, His Illness and Her Dreams,” People Magazine, January 28, 1980,,,20075686,00.html (accessed March 1, 2012).

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