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Iran in Maps

bkyser on Feb 23rd 2012

Here is a link to a BBC interactive webpage featuring maps of Iran. These maps show you where nuclear sites are located, where different ethnic groups within Iran live, and the size of the population in Iran’s major cities.

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Iran Through Pictures

bkyser on Feb 20th 2012

Here is yet another great photo essay of Iran, featuring pictures from today’s Iran. The pictures provide an interesting mix of tradition and modernity and even feature pictures from Iran’s small Jewish community. Enjoy!

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A Photo Essay from Pre-Revolutionary Iran

bkyser on Feb 17th 2012

Here is a link to a great photo essay picturing photos from Iran before 1979. With each picture the photographer provides you with information about the photo. Among the photos are pictures of Iranian women, wearing clothes and hairstyles similar to those in the West at the time. There is also a picture of the construction of the Shahyad landmark of Tehran, which the photographer refers to as “the Eiffel Tower of Tehran.”

Cara Parks, “Once Upon a Time in Tehran,” Foreign Policy, February 15, 2012, (accessed February 17, 2012).

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Safavid Map

tobin on Feb 14th 2012

Here is a nice example of the Sadavid Map

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Iranian Television Advertisements (Pre-Revolution)

bkyser on Feb 9th 2012

This video, despite being entirely in Farsi, provides a good insight into what life in Iran was like before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. There are advertisements for Coca-Cola, ice skating rinks, and shoes. The people in these advertisements are all wearing western-style clothing and the background music is also very western, with bands like Led Zeppelin playing in them.  There are also women in these commercials wearing short skirts and also not covering their hair. These commercials display the way of life for many Iranians before 1979 and by watching these advertisements we can get a better insight into what Iran was like pre-revolution and how Iran has changed since the Islamic Revolution.

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