Pahlavi Legacies

bkyser on Apr 23rd 2012


In this article, Times Magaznine reporter Azadeh Moaveni, discusses the legacy that the Pahlavi Dynasty has left on her. In the aftermath of Alireza Pahlavi’s suicide, Moaveni talks about why she feels to connected to the Pahlavis, despite never having grown up under the Shah’s Iran. Moaveni claims that the Pahlavi family represents the First Family of Iran in her imagination. She also discusses some of the sentiments coming out after the news of Alireza’s death reached Iran. Many were upset that people were feeling sympathy for a Pahlavi, a response that Moaveni attributes to Iranian’s resentment towards the regime in terms of the economy, etc. Iranians today attribute the failure of the Pahlavis to the rise of the mullahs. Despite the fact that many Iranians today never grew up under the Shah, his legacy and the legacy of his family lives on.

Click here to see the rise and fall of the Shah in pictures.

Azadeh Moaveni, “Why the Pahlavi Dynasty Still Haunts Iranians,” Time Magazine, January 6, 2011,,8599,2041031,00.html (accessed April 25, 2012).

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