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Safavid Map

tobin on Feb 14th 2012

Here is a nice example of the Sadavid Map

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Global Security

tobin on Feb 13th 2012

This site actually gives a good and in-depth overview of what each Iran and Iraq did throughout the war.

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Iran-Iraq Map

tobin on Feb 13th 2012

Here is a pretty good website showing a map which indicates which nations supported which country. It also gives a short summary of how and why the Iran Iraq war started.
Iran-Iraq Map


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The Iran-Iraq war: 25 years on

tobin on Feb 12th 2012

Here is an interesting article from the BBC looking back on the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war. It looks into why it started and what was gained and lost from the war. The article makes the point that much more was lost with the war and neither side really achieved what they sought out for.

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Iranian Television Advertisements (Pre-Revolution)

bkyser on Feb 9th 2012

This video, despite being entirely in Farsi, provides a good insight into what life in Iran was like before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. There are advertisements for Coca-Cola, ice skating rinks, and shoes. The people in these advertisements are all wearing western-style clothing and the background music is also very western, with bands like Led Zeppelin playing in them.  There are also women in these commercials wearing short skirts and also not covering their hair. These commercials display the way of life for many Iranians before 1979 and by watching these advertisements we can get a better insight into what Iran was like pre-revolution and how Iran has changed since the Islamic Revolution.

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Operation Ajax

bkyser on Feb 9th 2012




This link directs you to the New York Times Special Report: The C.I.A. in Iran. It provides you with actual news reports from the 1953 C.I.A. backed coup in Iran, named by the C.I.A. as “Operation Ajax.” It also provides you with the background behind the coup and the why and how of America’s involvement in this coup whcih led to the removal of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq. It also provides you with a link to the actual C.I.A. document that details the events of “Operation Ajax.”

“Secrets of History: The CIA in Iran,” The New York Times, (accessed February 9, 2012).

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Iran’s Early Nuclear Ambitions

bkyser on Feb 9th 2012


Here is an interesting article about the beginning of Iran’s nuclear program. In recent times, this issue has gained a lot of attention, especially from the West. However, a nuclear program in Iran is not a new concept. The Iranians first developed a nuclear program in 1959, under the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Although the United States was opposed to Iran’s development of a nuclear program, they eventually participated with Iran by donating a small reactor to Tehran University. However, after this donation, the Shah began to kick Iran’s nuclear program into full gear. His subsequent actions included searching Iran for uranium mines. Although some European countries were eager to help Iran with this mission, the United States no longer supported it. In 1974, however, the United States again decided to support Iran’s nuclear program, with reservations. This article also discusses Iran’s relationships with France and Germany, and later India, in regards to their nuclear program. It also discusses Ayatollah Khomeini’s coming to power and what this new ruler meant for Iran and their nuclear program. Click the link above to access the full article.

Abbas Milani, “The Shah’s Atomic Dreams,” Foreign Policy, December 29, 2010, (accessed February 9, 2012).

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