Evin Prison: Iran’s Most Notorious Jail

bkyser on Feb 20th 2012

Here is an article from BBC about Evin Prison, the most notorious jail in Iran. This jail is most famous for housing opponents against the Shah and the SAVAK before the 1979 Revolution. However, after the revolution, the categories of the prisoners changed from opponents of the Shah to supporters of the Shah who were viewed as anti-revolutionary. This article looks at the women’s section of the jail, where there are currently about 375 women in jail and 2,575 men. This is the same jail where Shirin Ebadi, Human Rights Activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was housed. Evin Prison is famous for its use of torture and other harsh methods towards its prisoners. This article, however, looks at the daily struggles that the women are currently facing, including suffering from HIV/AIDS and raising their children from jail. Evin Prison allows for children under the age of three to stay with their mothers.

Frances Harrison, “Inside Iran’s Most Nortorious Jail,” British Broadcasting Company, June 14, 2006, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/5077180.stm (accessed February 20, 2012).


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